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Paras Sood asks Mark Webb about his 20 years’ experience of Procurement Excellence at Future Purchasing.

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Join Paras Sood in a captivating interview with Mark Webb, Managing Director, and founder of Future Purchasing, as they explore two decades of evolution and achievements in the procurement sector. his insightful discussion delves into why procurement has not yet fully revolutionised the business world, despite its potential. From the role of education in business schools and academia to the scarcity of thought leaders and the need for standardised practices, they examine the critical factors holding back procurement’s impact.

Mark Webb, with his 20 years of experience, sheds light on what has genuinely propelled the field forward. Discover standout examples of progression, including the shift towards emphasising behavioural skills and recruiting the right talent, complemented by the integration of data analytics and AI-enabled tools. This video offers a unique perspective on the journey of procurement, highlighting both its challenges and triumphs, and the indispensable role of Chief Procurement Officers as agents of change in this dynamic sector.

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Mark Webb talks about his 20 years experience of Procurement Excellence at Future Purchasing

Mark Webb

Managing Director

22 years procurement experience in line management
and consulting roles.
Previous employment: Price Waterhouse, Mobil Oil and QP Group
Education: BSc in Management Science and MSc in Business by Research, Aston University
CIPS: member

Paras Sood tint 2

Paras Sood

Paras looks after FP’s overall strategy and our private sector clients. Paras joined us from Deutsche Bank, where he led strategic procurement transformation globally after a career spanning Life Sciences, FMCG, Manufacturing, Raw Materials and the Public Sector in both industry and consulting roles.

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