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Helping teams move capability and mindsets to become leaders in strategic procurement

Our interactive virtual learning procurement training and training materials allows you to flexibly combine capability uplift with the performance outcomes, deliverables and ROI typically associated with consultant-led programmes. However, you are firmly in control and costs are sensible.

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We understand your specific targets and challenges along with the capabilities that need to be built or strengthened.

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We developed bespoke learning pathways informed by the module examples here.

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For some we build mentoring and coaching programmes to run in parallel to accelerate the learning.

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We deliver “Just in Time” training as each delegate is supported in developing and embedding best practice.


Global Track Record


Category Management implementations in the private and public sectors


ROI on clients investment in capability uplift

Mentoring and coaching matters

Employees feel genuinely valued, both equipping and motivating them to perform at their best.

Improves staff retention.

We all like to be part of a success story.

Small cohorts of 6-8 peer learning groups

Training around real category projects over a sufficient period embeds category management, process, skills and ultimately capability.

Delivered by experienced practitioners to ensure the transfer of deep category and process knowledge, engagement skills and confidence.

Toolkits and programme tools

Category and supplier management toolkits along with “out-of-the-box” programme tools.

Distilled practical client experience and research knowledge.

Rapid assembly of custom change programmes.

Our Procurement Experts

Future Purchasing mobilise outstanding project teams of procurement consultants.

They excel in shifting mindsets, developing capability, engaging stakeholders and role modelling best practice. They understand the difference between training, mentoring and coaching and adopt a flexible approach to applying each technique.

All our consultants are adept at dealing with the challenges of embedding learning in  large, complex organisations.

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Learning Solutions

The project team who works with you to develop your company’s or organisation’s particular procurement learning pathway will include tutors who will lead the delivery. This cohesive approach ensures 360° visibility through the stages of design, delivery, and feedback.

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Category Management Training

We help you achieve better business performance through the intelligent application of category management. We use the practical experience gained from more than 90 category management consulting assignments around the globe and the world’s largest and most targeted benchmark data to inform our training work. Our consultants help client teams to drive innovation and balance strategic and tactical impact from board level to category managers.

We can help you to unlock more value.

MASTERCLASS8 x 90min sessions
PRACTITIONER8 x 90min sessions
AWARENESS2 x 90min sessions
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Supplier Management Training

Structured process-driven supplier management, aligned with business strategy and goals, will make your organisation more attractive to your suppliers, leading to value improvement and innovation. However, suppliers can also introduce supply disruption, reputational and commercial risks into your organisation, which need to be identified and managed. We train your team in supplier management best practices and application of suitable soft skills, such as winning trust, active listening, and influencing to transform your capability.

PRACTITIONER8 x 90min sessions
AWARENESS2 x 90min sessions
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Procurement Negotiation Training

Skilled negotiation is one of the most fundamental value delivery mechanisms for procurement. Allied with wider procurement expertise and business acumen, it is a critical driver of successful business performance. A professional and standardised approach to negotiation across the procurement function through our structured training will ensure your negotiation targets are realised.

MASTERCLASS8 x 90min sessions
PRACTITIONER8 x 90min sessions
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Strategic Alignment Training

Ensuring that procurement team activity is focused on the priorities of the business is often done inconsistently across category groups. This results in limited stakeholder support for procurement projects and reduced value delivery. We train category leaders in a strategic approach to understanding stakeholder objectives and business plans so that they can co-create an annual pipeline of category and supplier projects for their category group. These projects are fully supported and resourced by the business and deliver the outcomes your organisation expects from procurement.

PRACTITIONER8 x 90min sessions
AWARENESS2 x 90min sessions
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Procurement Advantage

We offer a range of additional modules including Total Cost of Ownership, Value Levers and Stakeholder Engagement. We work closely with our clients to develop company-specific modules to raise the awareness of procurement’s role to other business stakeholders such as board members, trustees and non-executives.

VALUE LEVERS WORKSHOP4 x 90min sessions
TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP4 x 90min sessions
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Interactive Virtual Learning Prospectus

Discover more about our approach to Interactive Virtual Learning

Overview of module content and learning outcomes.

Understand why Coaching and Mentoring acts as a learning accelerator

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“Structure works well, timings of 90 minutes and 2-week gap allows areas to be reflected on.”

“Activities kept engagement, helped us reflect.”

“Helps that we are a team and working on real situations.”

“Break works well to process what was learned.”

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We build a procurement solution that meets your needs

Designing and implementing procurement change through the business-wide implementation of category management, supplier management, negotiation for procurement and business partnering

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Our consultants bring their deep expertise in training, categories and industry sectors to each module that they deliver.

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Our commitment to online security is demonstrated through Cyber Essentials certification to protect against cyber attacks.

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“I really liked the interactive sections of the training, Alison was very engaging and used a variety of tools and techniques to involve all of the cohort in both the theory and application…”

“I find it very useful that I can re-watch the training when I need it. Some tasks you don’t need to do every day and take some time to build up routine and the re-watch helps a lot…”

“I found the parts of the training that we related back to our own category very insightful and it certainly helped embed the knowledge and consider new perspectives as well as have discussions with colleagues that we would not normally have, under the steer of an expert.”

“You can apply this training to your job and immediately see the Excellently presented and informative literature….”

“”Mark did a fantastic job delivering a remote training course. He was engaging, set up activities to enable us to ask questions and discuss points…”

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