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Our clients recognise the value of transforming Procurement performance and its contribution to boosting financial performance. This can be through reducing supplier costs, reducing supplier-related risks, improving working capital and helping to increase business revenues.  Our deep expertise helps our clients achieve this transformation.

Through excellent education, materials, coaching and consultancy, we help you maximise the value delivery achieved with your suppliers, delivering long term sustainable value


Speed of action

Organizations need a diagnostic with a ‘light touch’ where all stakeholder interactions are well planned, structured and time input minimized.

A practical approach

We combine expert and highly practical inputs, frameworks, tools and diagnostic insights, while emphasizing a positive and energetic commitment to action.

Flexible working

We strike the required balance between a tough challenge to entrenched thinking and a generally supportive approach to addressing challenges and opportunities.

A focus on change management

A sustainable procurement transformation requires a robust change management approach; we make this central to each programme.


Everyone in the Future Purchasing team is a procurement expert with a minimum of 15 years line and consulting experience. They excel in shifting mindsets, developing capability, engaging stakeholders and role modelling best practice.

Our team of experts understand the difference between training, mentoring, coaching and consulting, adopts a flexible approach to applying each technique. All our consultants are adept at dealing with the challenges of embedding learning in large, complex organizations.

We have a practical implementation focus and are known for our good rapport with procurement teams and stakeholders; this allows us to build support, understand concerns and keep momentum.

“In my career, this is the training that has most changed what I do” 

Future Purchasing is a trusted partner to our lead team with deep knowledge of procurement techniques, always open to tailor our training needs to the different objectives and different stakeholders groups, from procurement teams to senior business stakeholders.

this is the way we need to work in the future, and the joined-up thinking has really benefited us” 

“Well done, you really listened” 


We work with senior executives, chief procurement officers (CPOs), vice presidents and their leadership teams in large, complex organisations on major programmes of change.


We have delivered hundreds of transformational training programs. Our Expert led learning and development pathways introduce tools, techniques and approaches for best practice.


Coaching and mentoring will build your procurement teams, effectiveness and confidence, embedding process, skills and ultimately capability.


Expert led training and development in procurement category management, supplier management, procurement negotiation and strategic alignment that transforms your procurement team with a tangible return on Investment. 

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Procurement transformation and quick win savings

A medium-sized insurance company, with a large number of insurance offices across the UK. Our client wanted to drive a change programme in procurement and reduce costs by using category management as a key enabler.

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