procurement is about people too


Procurement isn’t just about the process it’s about the people too

By Alison Smith |

Take a moment as you start 2021 to check in with yourself, and as a manager or leader to check in with your teams. Procurement isn’t just about process, it’s about people too.

What do you, what do they, need at this time?

Inspiration, stretching goals and to hit the road running may be the answer for some.

It may even be what the organisation needs too.

For others 2020 has taken its toll.

We had high hopes of turning corners in 2021.

We thought it would be different.

For many, however, what tentative hold they had on their daily life has been weakened in the realisation that help hasn’t yet arrived.

They woke to a new year that’s simply reinforcing the ground hog nature of the covid life that became the new normal in 2020.

Extended lockdown, yet more working from home and increased juggling.

Extended lack of physical connection, still no water cooler chats and reduced connection.

Have all taken their toll.

What will you do to support yourself or others whose batteries are flat?

It never has to be big – small incremental steps are better than nothing.

For example,

Asking “How are you?” and really listening to the answer (to what is said and to what is not said).

Offering “How can I help” and meaning it.

Or perhaps that small step involves role modelling, taking care of yourself by taking lunch breaks, sending and replying to emails at reasonable hours or starting a meeting with an appreciation for what has been achieved.

There’s much that can be done – see #januaryrecharge on LinkedIn for more or get in touch with Alison Smith [email protected] for details of webinars, clinics and coaching available to support your team members at this time – because Procurement isn’t just about the process it’s about the people too.

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After 15 years in Procurement in organisations, Alison decided that she wanted to expand that pattern observation, exploration, and problem-solving to help others solve their problems in life and to help them get back on track. Combining her unique experience as a procurement expert and a coach she offers a refreshing approach to personal development for Procurement Professionals.