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Sharing the key 2022 study findings

In a new series of blogs we are going to share the summary findings, insights, and actionable recommendations from our 2022 Global Category Management Report. This is our 10th year of running this in-depth study and once again it was a huge collaborative effort. With more than 250 responses, Henley Business School has once again made sure that the underlying analysis is rigorous and insightful.

The key findings of the research – including how to access the 67% of additional value available by optimising category management – are summarised in the short video below.

​Six dimensions of category management​ – the FP CatMan operating model

From our experience of implementing category management with more than 100 clients and with knowledge gained from 1,800+ previous study participants, the Future Purchasing team has developed its operating model for category management. This is a focused approach designed to make category management stick and we used this model to structure our 2022 survey. As in previous study editions, we added new questions and sharpened questions that needed more clarity. The six dimensions of the category management operating model are shown in the model below.​

6 dimensions

2022 Global Category Management Leadership Report


Since 2012, we have undertaken research five times in conjunction with Henley Business School. More than 1,800 participants from organisations with more than €5tn spend have taken part. The study has provided over 250,000 data points that allow us to pinpoint best practices and define the missing standards for implementing category management. The report containing the results and our actionable recommendations detail how to gain the best value from category management.

We will publish the summary findings and key recommendations for the six dimensions over the next six weeks.

Blog post: Dimension 1 Category Management Strategy

Dimension 2 Stakeholder Engagement

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